Centralized data storage across multiple platforms

QNAP NAS improves file sharing and teamwork efficiency by allowing users to access and share files on both internal and external networks, and supports user access controls to protect important data, providing an all-in-one solution for data storage, sharing and management

Challenges in storing, sharing and managing data

Your colleagues, clients and working partners might be using different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX. So how do you streamline the intricate process of sharing and accessing data? For the majority of small and medium businesses, they hope employees can handle the privilege settings for their projects without the assistance of IT professionals. Most importantly, data loss caused by unpredictable disk failure could make businesses suffer from disastrous losses.

inano-huge-capacity-inano-solutions-srilankaHuge capacity

Built with 1 to 24 bays, tower to rack mount form factors, and intended for businesses to work-groups to home users; QNAP has a comprehensive selection of NAS solutions to meet a wide range of user requirements.

inano-Cross-platform-file-sharing-inano-solutions-srilankaCross-platform file sharing

QNAP NAS supports SMB/CIFS, AFP, WebDAV, and NFS protocols, allowing you to quickly transfer and share files across computers with different operating systems without compatibility constraints.

inano-Easy-to-use-QTS-OS-inano-solutions-srilankaEasy-to-use QTS OS

QNAP’s intelligent QTS operating system features an intuitive user interface that simplifies system management and settings so that even users with little IT expertise can use it. The multitasking, multi-window design further increases your productivity.

inano-user-access-controls-inano-solutions-srilankaUser access controls

Administrators can create shared folders, user groups and users on the QNAP NAS with specified read and write access. To save effort on account creation and management, domain user accounts and passwords can be imported to QNAP NAS easily by joining the NAS to an Windows AD® or LDAP domain.

inano-RAID-data-protection-inano-solutions-srilankaRAID data protection

QNAP NAS supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and hot spare configurations such as 5+ hotspare, 6+ hotspare and 10+ hotspare to protect the system from possible data loss caused by hard disk drive failure.

inano-High-speed-data-transfer-inano-solutions-srilankaHigh-speed data transfer

QNAP NAS delivers excellent performance with high-speed network transmission, reducing the waiting time of file upload and download. With 1GbE and 10GbE support available, many models also offer multiple LAN ports that are capable of load balancing and fault tolerance to maintain the high availability of the system and data.


backup-solutions-inano-sri-lanka-free-server,-hosting-server,-hosting,-network-attached-storage-nas-server--file-server-host-Enjoy the full control and convenience of creating backups

The Xopero QNAP Appliance is a complete backup solution which allows centrally managing critical data, monitoring and remotely configuring all the user accounts and applications installed on the company devices. You can easily backup and restore files, databases, e-mail accounts, virtual environments and system states.

Complete data protection

With Xopero you can backup and restore files, folders, endpoints, servers, databases (Firebird, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL), mail accounts (Microsoft Outlook and Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013), network locations and virtual environments (Hyper-V and VMware).


Keep your data highly available

Data loss happens in all kinds of situations such as hard drive failures, virus attacks, file system crashes, unexpected power outage and even natural disasters. Qsan provides array-based “Storage Disaster Recovery Solution” that includes writable snapshots with VSS support, volume cloning, and remote replication. The storage planning varies with the main purpose of the data volumes. When a data volume is simply a backup for temporary data, a quick snapshot setup would be enough. But if a data volume contains important data such as contract records, purchase orders, or itself is a online database storage and cannot accept any downtime, the data volume’s recovery plan should include multiple, local, and remote site backups. The local backup can minimize the recovery time and the remote site backup is perfect for immediate replacement for the original data volume. The remote site backup also gives IT administrators more time to figure out and resolve the issues of the original data volume. When a natural disaster happens, the recovery may take longer than expected which may involve rebuilding new data centre.

Virtualization Station

Centralized virtualization management enhancing IT efficiency

QNAP Virtualization Station enables virtualized desktop operations on the Turbo NAS for managing multiple virtual machines. With the easy-to-use interface, you can centrally manage all virtual machines created on the Turbo NAS with least efforts.


pic_ico2Bandwidth-saving and secure to access NAS data

When accessing data on the Turbo NAS through the virtual machines on the Virtualization Station, you can enjoy the secure data transmission and bandwidth saving, as the data is not transmitted via physical network cables.

Operate different OS platforms on browsers

You can use the web-based user interface of QTS to run Virtualization Station with extreme flexibility and convenience. Besides computers, you can also use tablet devices to operate multiple virtual machines of various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and UNIX run on the Virtualization Station.

Download more VMs in VM Markets

The VM markets of providers such as VMware and BitNami offer various VMs for you to download on demand and import them to Turbo NAS to use directly without any complex procedure. VMs created on the Turbo NAS can also be exported to be used elsewhere.

Easy Installation in App Center

The Virtualization Station can be easily installed with one click in the QTS App Center, no IT expertise required at all. Those who already have Virtualization Station-ready Turbo NAS models only need to upgrade the RAM and adjust BIOS settings to enjoy the convenient use of Virtualization Station.

Use your Turbo NAS as a PC: Output the VM console using an HDMI monitor*

If the network is disrupted, you can still directly manage and operate VMs with QvPC Technology. All you need to do is plug in an HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse to your Turbo NAS.


Qsan delivers highly reliable surveillance solutions for midsize to large deployment.

A good surveillance storage solution provides continuous protection and instantaneous image access nowadays. The demand for IP/Network-based video surveillance systems and components is getting stronger to surpass the overall global demand for analog video surveillance. The demands lead to higher resolution requirement and the need of bigger storage capacity. The overall data capacity will continue growing exponentially. Qsan AegisSAN series are capable of supporting flexible expansion and integrating to both analog and digital IP surveillance without compromising any performance and reliability. Customer can keep the analog devices and migrate to digital IP surveillance smoothly and seamlessly. Qsan’s new innovative storage solution supports more than 1000 cameras per system from multiple locations. Enormous amounts of recordings are streamed to NVRs for analytics and event handling. Customers may project flexibly depending on requirements and change it over time.

Qsan AegisSAN Series Highlights

  • Uncompromised performance and bandwidth
  • Flexible expansion and scalability from midsize to large deployment
  • High availability and reliability
  • Direct to iSCSI recording support
  • Advanced data protections
  • Easy integration, installation, and management
  • Media solutions

Physically small, but large in capacity

By using high-capacity hard drives, terabytes of storage is available for videos, allowing you to free up the storage space of your notebooks and mobile devices.

Cross-device file sharing

With support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX all of your family can save videos to the QNAP NAS regardless of the operating system they use. This provides a centralized media centre to enable seamless sharing of videos across various devices.

Your 24/7 download centre

The Download Station serves as a non-stop download centre, and supports BT, PT (Private Trackers), Magnet link, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS, thunder://, flashget:// and qqdl:// download. It also supports automatic RSS download (broad catching) for all file formats.

Happy Get: back up online videos

Happy Get helps you easily back up YouTube and Vimeo music & videos to the QNAP NAS. You can also create your own music playlist with the Chrome web browser.


One-step for photo storage, backup, management and sharing. A personal cloud designed for photographers.
QNAP NAS provides a large space for file storage and also allows you to easily back up precious photos, assisting in creating a secure photo cloud.

Cross-platform accessibility

With support for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX all of your family can save photos to the QNAP NAS regardless of the operating system they use. This provides a centralized photo centre to enable seamless sharing of photos across various devices.

Automatically upload photos

By installing the Qfile app on your mobile device and enabling the ‘Auto upload’ function, your newly-taken photos will be automatically uploaded to your QNAP NAS. It works as a real-time backup of your precious photos, allowing you to freely take photos without worrying about the limited storage of your mobile devices.

Import and export in seconds

Smart import

Easily import media from a digital camera without needing a PC by simply connecting it to the front USB port on the QNAP NAS. Your photos and videos will be automatically saved to a newly-created folder named “Smart import.”


If you ever need to take photos with you on USB storage, simply connect it to the QNAP NAS, tap the “Copy” button, and your photos will be instantly transferred to be travelled.

RAID protection

You can choose the most appropriate RAID configuration to effectively reduce the risk of data loss caused by unexpected hard disk failure.

2-way sync

QNAP’s RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) service allows scheduled data backup to synchronize shared folders between two QNAP NAS units, ensuring they will always have identical data.

Backup to cloud storage

To provide an extra layer of protection, you can also directly back up content from the QNAP NAS to cloud storage services such as Amazon® S3, ElephantDrive®, Dropbox® and Google® Drive.


Server virtualization using Qsan SAN storage

You cannot take full advantage of the power of server virtualization without the involvement of SAN (Storage Area Network) storages. It’s the most important ingredient in making a successful, efficient, and highly available clustering recipe using server virtualization software. A great IT infrastructure starts with a careful and thoughtful evaluation and planning work. Qsan SAN products will assure you a cost-effective and successful deployment of server virtualization.


The QNAP NAS is a fast and affordable way to access and share files remotely from your own private location. Whether you are backing up, accessing, or sharing files the QNAP NAS has different solution to easily solve your data needs. Check out the following reason on why QNAP NAS is the perfect private cloud storage solution for you!

NAS from QNAP gives you the flexibility to quickly access files from any web browser, computer or mobile device. Our free MyCloudNAS connects desktop application transforming your private cloud to appear like a local drives on the computer. You can quickly drag files from QNAP NAS to the computer’s desktop.


“I Nano Technologies” specializes in the underlying data recovery of defective storage media which can effectively solve the data recovery and data loss problems of hard disks, mobile phones, U disks, memory cards, cameras and other electronic devices.