What is Xopero QNAP Appliance?

Download free version of Xopero and test it for 30 days


What is exactly Xopero?

It is dedicated centrally managed backup solution to QNAP network drives.

Your private backup cloud.

Once installed on a QNAP device, it becomes a complete solution for protecting critical files and allowing to build safe backup environment in your company.

Comprehensive management

Thanks to Xopero Backup Appliance you can centrally and remotely manage backups, monitor their accuracy and configure all accounts and applications installed on the workstations and servers.

Why Xopero with QNAP NAS?

1. No additional hardware

You don’t have to implement extensive infrastructure. QNAP NAS and Xopero is all what you need to get started managing backups


2. Simple installation

Install and run Xopero on Your QNAP device in a few minutes. Xopero it’s easy to configure and use


3. All-in-one

It’s integrated solution which consists of safe data storage, automatic backup and central management system

Centrally manage your backup

Enjoy the full control and convenience of creating backups

The Xopero QNAP Appliance is a complete backup solution which allows to centrally manage critical data, monitor and remotely configure all the user accounts and applications installed on the company devices. You can easily backup and restore files, databases, e-mail accounts, virtual environments and system state.

Complete data protection

With Xopero you can backup and restore files, folders, endpoints, servers, databases (Firebird, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL), mail accounts (Microsoft Outlook and Exchange 2007,2010, 2013), network locations and virtual environments (Hyper-V and VMware).