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Welcome to the website of Inano technologies, the pioneers in storage solution provider in Sri Lanka. Contact us now and tell us how we can plan an ideal storage solution to protect the data of your company and recover them in case of an emergency. A well planned storage solution is an investment to your company since data is the foundation that should not be put at a risk.

Why Your Company Needs Us

Data has become the most important mode of collecting information in the modern corporate and industrial scopes. Preserving data becomes the next big challenge encountered when the entire systems depend on data. The accidents that can take place cannot be predicted before hand and it is a must that every company has a system of recovering data. Inano Technologies is committed to install total backup solutions for the safety of your data preserved in the situation of a hazard. The company also assures best warranty support for our products. It is assured that the solutions provided by Inano technologies are none other than a long term investment for your valuable data.

We show up immediately in emergency situations

The expert team at “i Nano” is prepared to immediately attend to job in case of an emergency and help you to resolve the situation as soon as possible. The solutions that can be rendered from the company is 100% assured and it can be the ultimate relief in emergency situations.


“i Nano Technologies” is the authorized sales, distributors and integrator for Qnap and Qsan”

Additionally, the company also is the authorized partner for internationally recognized brands such as Seagate and Xopero in Sri Lanka.


Most importantly, a company should have a body of knowledge which is continuously updating according to the latest trends springing from the regularly advancing industry. Inano Technologies (Pvt) Ltd consists of a group of professionals who have an excellent knowledge and qualified by the recognized certifications such as QNAP Technology, QSAN Technology, Microsoft and Cisco. They continuously update their knowledge about the field in order to give the clients a service of the supreme quality. The incomparable knowledge possessed by the company has assisted to win the hearts of the customers through solutions that suit the problems arising in the field.

After sale service

What most of our contemporary customers love about us is the fact that our service is 24/7. The company is ready to render the service at all times our service is needed.

  • Onsite support
  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Unlimited Skype text support
  • Unlimited team viewer support
  • 24×7 onsite support for additionally request customers


As a storage solution company, Inano Technologies take the responsibility of protecting the data of your company since we have realized the importance of the role of data for the business. Our customers have given our company the opportunity of saving their data because we are reliable as a company.

Professional team

Microsoft-and-ciscoi nano Technologies (Pvt) Ltd consists of a group of professionals who have an excellent knowledge and are Microsoft and Cisco qualified. They continuously update their knowledge about the field in order to give the clients a service of the supreme quality.

Customer focused

The company at all times is customer centric and renders to provide whatever the solutions are available for the situations. We always find ways to approach the specific needs of the customers and attend to provide solutions for them. The contented clientele of the company will assure the quality of the customer care service of the company.


Data recovery solutions

Inano Technologies offer data recovery solutions that are ideal for corporate and industrial companies who depend on data to function on a daily basis.In addition, customized solutions for each company can also be created.


Free installation

Our team comes to your business place or house hold and perform the initial installation process. Along with free initial set up, we give each client a demo training regarding how to function the servers. We will reach your place immediately to ensure a prime service.


Demo training for customers

A best technical training regarding how to use the product and how to protect the data in an emergency is given at the installation of each server system. The clients will get a clear idea regarding the usage and the product features according to new requirements to be implemented in future.


Customer support

Even more than the profit, the most important factor in Inano Technologies is customers. We at all times are by the side of our customers to give them a supreme quality service by solving their server problems.


Island wide service

The service is provided island wide to any company who are in need of our server solutions. If based in Colombo, we will reach you immediately and if you are not, we will be at your place within the given period of time.





We have been taking the service from i Nano for years now and we rarely met any problem regarding our storages. Even when we did, the technical assistant team always came within short notice. I make this an opportunity to thank i Nano for their excellent service.
Web Lankan

Web Lankan


When expanding our company to what it is today, it felt the need of having storage solutions. Upon the recommendation, we contacted i Nano and since that moment, they have provided us the most ideal storage solution. On top of the quality of the products, I like to appreciate their dedication towards the customer service.


I am much contented to declare that our company is privileged by the exclusive services of i Nano. They not only provide us the best storage solutions, they also show up whenever their service is needed to our company. Moreover, they provided training how to use the storages, so now everyone finds it easy to use them.


The storage solutions of i Nano suited our tight budget and we found it one of the most cost effective but quality solution for the storage problem that existed in our company. Now we have expanded our business prospectus, I like to thank i Nano for accompanying us from the initial step. We hope to maintain this partnership in the future and I recommend i Nano for everyone who needs a quality and a durable storage solution.